A Victory in Monroe County for the Half Mill Referendum

Monroe County Teachers Score a Win for Students and Schools


Although Tuesday was the Republican presidential primary, it was also the day Monroe County voters decided whether to retain the flexibility to use capital millage for operations. Securing a victory at the polls seemed a daunting task.

Image of Monroe County Teachers holding signs
Led by United Teachers of Monroe President Holly Hummell-Gorman, the employees rallied to ensure passage. Members of the United Teachers of Monroe (UTM) held signs, made phone calls, organized retirees, signed commitment cards, pledging to get at least 20 people to the polls and much more.

Thanks to their efforts the citizens of Monroe County resoundingly agreed to continue the flexibility by a 3-1 margin. The Half Mill Referendum passed with 75% percent support throughout the Florida Keys.

FEA Vice President Joanne McCall who has been involved in organizing, directed FEA staff assistance in the campaign. This included training, planning and securing resources. Among the FEA staff members engaged in the project were Rik McNeil, Lynda Russell, Jacqui Sisto and Marty Schaap. But it was the hard work by the UTM ground forces that produced a very much needed win for Monroe County students and public schools. Visit the United Teachers of Monroe website.

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