2012 FEA Delegate Assembly Review

If you were not able to attend the 2012 "We Believe DA", click the links below to enjoy a few of the highlights from the event.


Judging by the number of Facebook posts and pictures from our guests and delegates, the 2012 FEA "We Believe" Delegate Assembly was a huge success. The FEA officers are sure most all enjoyed themselves. It was an exciting convention and stands to show what our union can accomplish when we all work together. 

The DA officially adjourned at about 5:30 pm on Saturday afternoon with the Credential and Elections Committee report. Ths year the delegation might have broken a record. The third general session was among, if not, the longest held Assembly since we formed the new Florida Education Association in 2000. Close to 1200 delegates and guests hung in until the end. It is good that our FEA delegates are committed to their union work. Their work is vitally important to the future success of FEA. Their dedication stands as testimony for all mem- bers. In fact that dedication and committment is among the key reasons why our organization hosting this annual delegate meeting.

The DA is the most important meeting of the year for our membership and our union because so many important decisions are made by your delegates. The delegates are reprsentatives from your locals. They represent the views and recommendations of each member local. The DA brings them together. It provides a forum for your local to have a voice. It provides an opportunity for future leaders to emerge.

Many important things were accomplished at the 2012 DA. All to make our union stronger, more progressive and an inclusive organization. Beginning with the first general session on Friday morning, close to a thousand delegates from your locals, across the state, amended our union's governing documents with large margins.


We worked together to pass some very good New Business Items. We held several very important elections. The election by acclamation of Secretary/Treasurer, Clara Cook, and president, Andy Ford; re-elected Vice President Joanne McCall, and elected Kathy Breakall, NEA Director Seat 1. The election for Office if the Vice-President was very close. Yet, the manner in which it was handled not only showed how democratic we are, it also showed how important it is for our union to never stop working on ensuring all voices
are heard and every member feels valued.  That is one of the most important things "We Believe!" Ensuring that all members feel valued is the only way to maintain our strength and unity. You can view the full election results.


The Human and Civil Rights Luncheon is always a popular event. Several awards were handed out for dedicated work performed in the area of civil and human rights. The winners include:

Martin Luther King, Jr. Award: John Henry Powell, Sr
Human & Civil Rights Leadership Award: William “DC” Clark
FEA Service Award: Gilda Morgan-Williams
Cesar Chavez Action & Commitment Award: John Streater

Find out more about the winners and see the HCR presentations

When the delegates gathered again on Friday around 2:30, they were joined by many old friends. Senator Alex Villalobos (link video) reminded us about the importance of retaining our Supreme Court Justices, and why our vote to retain them is vitally important to holding onto an unbiased court.

Our Superman, FEA Counsel, Ron Meyer, provided an update on the current FEA legal challenges. (3% Pension, Sb 736, DOE Rules Challenge, Adequatecy Challenge).  Click here to view it.

Former NEA President Reginald Weaver entertained us and stimulated our minds with his humor and inspired us with his take action message.

Despite our critics, working together, we have formed a bigger, better, stronger Florida Education Association. It is the result of the decision made by delegates at the convention in May 2000. And, your decision to continue their legacy. Your continued support for our union provides the impetus we need to move forward. We are moving together, as one. All members benefit from this decision.

Even today, some attempt to utilize revisionist history to hold us back; but we must reject that thinking. We have come to far to turn back. We must continue moving forward. We owe it to ourselves and our community: the 140,000 teacher and ESP members, the 2.5 million public school students, our neighborhoods and our Union movement. 

Please take a moment to review the videos and images below and enjoy!
Remain In Solidarity...

HCR Luncheon Video
Steve Cantrell, Gates Foundation Judy Near,
NEA ESP of the Year


            DA VIDEOS

1. We Believe in Public Education

2. We Believe in Our Union

3. We Believe in Teaching

4. We Believe in Our Vote 

         2012 DA Photos

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      FEA Member Tribute
         FEA Music Video
         President's Video:
    Our Vision for the Future
     Former NEA President
         Reginald Weaver
    FEA Attorney Ron Meyer
        2012 Legal Update
         Senator Alex Villobos
 FEA Membership Awards Winners
    Former Michigan
Gov. Jennifer Granholm
          HCR Award Winners

2012 FEA Election Results

FEA Vice president Campaign Speech

Joanne McCall Speech

Andrew Spar Speech














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