2012 DA Presentation: Overview of Education Litigation

During the 2012 Delegate Assembly, FEA legal counsel Ron Meyer, delivered an informative presentation outlining the legal challenges, both past and current, that the FEA has filed over the past year and a half pertaining to SB-736 and the DOE Rules Challenge, SB 2100: Requirement to Contribute 3% and the Elimination of COLA, as well as the Funding Adequacy Lawsuit. Ron Meyer discussed the status of each case, the basis for the challenges and the future implications, based on the final outcomes, of these legal actions for members and our union.


The presentation below is available for download as a .PDF document and as a (.PPT) Power Point presentation. Click the image to save it to your computer or view immediately.

You must have the Power Point software installed on your computer in order to view the PPT slide presentation. Otherwise, please clickt he link to download and view the .PDF version.


Download .PDF version of FEA Education Litigation Overview

Watch Ron Meyer's video presention  (coming soon)

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